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SectionBox Animator

SectionBox Animator

Available Revit Versions:

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

SectionBox Animator is a Revit plugin that allows users to create instant gif animations via Revit SectionBox with the ability of specifying direction, speed, loop count and frame delay time of the animation.

Trial Version

The trial period is 7 days with full functionality without any liability or payment information.


The license price is a one-time payment of

3.65 USD for 3 months subscription.

Trial Description

The trial period is 7 days. Users can download and use the trial version with full functionality without any liability or payment information. The setup file is the same both for the trial and licensed version. After the installation, users could simply activate the trial on the activation pop-up.

PCI Level1 Security Compliance

License Description

After the trial period, users must buy a license. Once the payment is charged, users automatically get a three-month license and a license can be used only on one computer. Upon buying the license, an email is sent right away, delivering the license key assigned. Users could activate their license using the plugin's interface. Licenses could also be deactivated in order to use on a different computer.

Batch Licensing | Customization

Please contact for bacth licensing options or tailoring the plugin for special workflows. The details and pricing options could be discussed specific to the business needs. This also includes educational institutions.


Users can install the SectionBox Animator by using the installer and simply following the installation wizard. Users could also uninstall the plugin with the same wizard or by simply using the control panel's "Add/Remove Program" Menu.


Users should cancel the subscription before license expiration time in order to stop using the plugin. Cancelling the subscription does not cancel the current license and plugin functionality that user already has.


The SectionBox Animator plugin has 7-day trial option without any functionality restriction. Users, are able to test the plugin without any liability or payment/credit card information for seven days. Since the functionality of trial version and licensed version is exactly the same it is recommended that users should try the plugin before buying. After the purchase, no refunds will be provided for any subscription.


The Section Box Animator is an outcome of long working hours and dedication. The plugin (C#) is tested many times to find the best solution for gif export in different Revit viewport scenarios. In certain scenarios, the plugin uses Median-Cut Algorithm and Hybrid Algorithms for quantization to be used in GIF encoders along with invoking C libraries like OptiPng The plugin also uses the ImageMagick library (Apache 2.0 license) for GIF encoding. Moreover, many credits to Matthew Flickinger for providing such a strong resource for GIF structure. Most of the bitwise operations for gif encoding is informed by him. Last but not least, many credits to CodeProject for providing lots of examples for quantization which also helped SectionBox Animator. For more details, please check out the attribution text file in the installation folder.

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