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Autodesk ADN Application
(GenFusions, LLC) is still under construction.


I am writing this brief article to support my application for ADN membership, moreover, to express why I want to be a part of ADN, what I could contribute to the Autodesk family and my objective.

About Me

I am an architect, designer and software developer who currently works as an Architect & BIM Coordinator in Germany. I got my certificate for Autodesk Revit Certified Professional even before I obtained my Bachelor of Architecture degree in Turkey and I was among the first few people in the country to have this recognition. I was also a Student Expert and a part of Autodesk Ambassador Hub and even invited to BILT Academy event in Slovenia together with Autodesk Team.

Company & Startup Formation

Even though I am currently a resident in Germany, I set up my company (LLC) in May 2022 in the USA to have a legal presence and protection in order to develop my tools and custom software for people and offices in the AEC industry.

Now, I have already started the process of kicking off another startup company in the Netherlands or Germany for AI & Machine Learning research and experiments to adapt outcomes for Architecture and Engineering workflows, which will prospectively get government support and funding. (There are two facilitators & Incubators that my company will be in contact with.)

Note1: You could reach my company’s official formation documents here: Documents

Note2: If needed, I could also provide reference letters from my previous clients and managers for my experience and capabilities.

My Purpose in a Nutshell

I want to develop and discover innovative tools & approaches to make Architectural and Engineering workflows smarter, more productive, more sustainable and more fun.

ADN Project Description

With my startup journey, there will be two ongoing tracks together. One track is producing B2B custom Revit and Navisworks plugins for architects and engineers to manage and streamline BIM workflows, and data exchange.

The second track is developing a SAAS for students, enthusiasts and professional architects to be able to manage, empower and streamline the design process, design options, design experiments with Revit. 

As an architect who has plenty of experience in design & architecture offices, one thing I have seen is that senior-level architects or partners in the offices have hesitations to work with Revit and BIM because they see it as a restrictive domain for creative design process despite being the strongest BIM tool. 

What I want is to extend Revit’s capabilities for creative design thinking, physical production, artistic outputs, and integration with interactive domains like game engines & Metaverse; with the help of AI & Machine Learning. I want to combine Revit’s extremely strong BIM and data management capabilities with creative design process, by combining my design & studio experience with software development experience.

Free Revit Plugins

Aside from SAAS and B2B services, I will develop free Revit plugins as a gesture of giving back to the community. Currently, I have developed a free toolset for Revit users to improve their productivity and outcome from Revit. They are in the beta process which will be released pretty soon: 

(I released the SectionBox Animator plugin before in my own name on Autodesk AppStore, but now it will be deprecated and there will be a more advanced version of it).


•    SectionBox Animator
•    ViewSetAnimator
•    ElementSet Animator
•    SmartViews
•    Pro SectionBox
•    AutoDimensions
•    Dynamic Sections
•    Layout Generator


Appreciation & Thank You

I have been a long-time user of Autodesk Tools even from my childhood, starting with 3dsmax. I have never seen another major company like Autodesk that gives opportunities to students and initiatives at this level. Seeing that you also support small start-up initiatives for ADN is no big surprise to me.  No matter what will be the outcome of this application, I deeply appreciate your support and would like to thank you!

Last Words

I would like you to know that I am a very committed and dedicated person who never gives up on pursing goals. I would be thrilled and excited to be a part of the ADN to learn, develop more and realize my ideas.

If you happen to have any questions or hesitations I would be more than happy to discuss and provide clarification.

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